About the trial

The RAC Automated Vehicle Trial involves a number of stages, with each stage designed to test and evaluate autonomous vehicle technology in a variety of settings and scenes.

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Our trial

Our trial involves a number of stages. Each stage will involve increasing levels of complexity, including a greater number of obstacles, or traffic signals and road markings, then finally interactions with road users.

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About the vehicle

The RAC Intellibus™ is a level four or fully autonomous vehicle. It uses LIDAR, cameras, GPS, odometry and autonomous emergency braking to drive itself.

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The very first trial of a driverless bus in Australia is through a partnership between RAC and the WA State Government.

RAC has advocated for this trial as part of our Better WA vision to create a safer, easier and more sustainable Western Australia. The bus is owned by NAVYA, a French vehicle manufacturer and bought to Australia by RAC.

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