RAC Intellibus™

Our Automated Vehicle Trial

The RAC Automated Vehicle Trial involves a number of stages, with each stage designed to test and evaluate the technology in a range of settings and scenarios.

Stage 1: Closed stage

RAC Intellibus testing with a cone The first stage of our trial was tested at RAC DTEC, near the Perth Airport. Here we were able to use this private track to observe and record how the shuttle behaves:

1. In automatic mode
2. When it has detected stationary and moving objects
3. In simulated traffic conditions

The tests were conducted in different conditions, situations and scenarios – either naturally occurring or simulated, such as varying weather conditions.

Stage 2: Closed stage on public roads

During this stage, the shuttle is taken on open roads to commission and verify the route. This will be undertaken in a controlled setting but allowing a limited amount of interaction with traffic.

Stage 2 is closed to members of the public.

Stage 3: Open stage on open roads

RAC Intellibus testing with a cone The final stage is broken up into three phases where each phase includes increasingly complex traffic conditions. This includes increasing levels of interaction with different types of road users, traffic signs, traffic lights, right turn manoeuvres, and traffic flows.

During this stage, members of the public are able to experience riding on the shuttle.

Map of intellibus route.

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What WA thinks about AV

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is the biggest disruption to transport and mobility since the invention of motor cars themselves. Understanding the community’s attitudes and perceptions is crucial in preparing for a future with driverless vehicles on WA roads. We asked the community what they know, think and feel. 

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